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What is Ansonia food services?

Ansonia Food Services distribuirá desayuno y almuerzo todos los días (solo opciones frías) entre las 11:00 am y las 12:30 pm en la entrada principal de cada escuela, Mead, Prendergast, Ansonia Middle School y Ansonia High Schools. Los padres o estudiantes pueden venir a recoger las comidas a esas horas.

How do I get meals at Ansonia schools?

Ansonia Public Schools Parents and Families: You will have access to meals through Ansonia Food Service at each of our schools for the remainder of the week.

Where can I find the best Chinese in Ansonia?

Orange Flavor Order all menu items online from Eastern Bistro - Ansonia for delivery and takeout. The best Chinese in Ansonia, CT.

Is Ansonia public schools open on Thursday January 20 2022?

Due to the expected inclement weather overnight, Ansonia Public Schools will have a 2-hour delay tomorrow Thursday January 20, 2022. Please stay tuned for potential cancellation in the morning based on updated weather conditions.


When will Ansonia Middle School open in 2021?

Parents whose children are opting for remote learning may keep their children in remote learning for the remainder of this school year. We ask that you continue to do your part in following all CDC COVID-19 safety protocols. I am also sharing more details about the upcoming changes to the location of several Pre-K classes and our sixth grades. This summer, the School Readiness classrooms (Butterflies, Dragonflies and Grasshoppers) that have been located in Ansonia Middle School will be moved to Prendergast School. The Board of Education Pre-K classrooms (Honeybees and Ladybugs), which have also been in AMS, will be relocated to Mead School, joining the Smart Start Pre-K classroom there. We anticipate that these moves will be completed by mid-August 2021. We plan to make this transition as smooth as possible for all children, families and staff. The sixth grades will move out of the two elementary schools and into Ansonia Middle School this summer. The sixth graders will be placed in learning teams, similar to that of the seventh and eighth graders. AMS Principal Peter Colaccino expressed his excitement about the prospect of the sixth graders joining their older peers, as well as the opportunity this move will afford to all of our early adolescents. Have a great Spring Recess next week - and stay Ansonia Strong! Sincerely, Dr. Joseph DiBacco, Superintendent of Schools

What is charger club at Ansonia Middle School?

Good afternoon, Your child at Ansonia Middle School has been invited to join our Ansonia Charger Club – An Afterschool Program that we offer to students in grade 6th, 7th, and 8th. If you would like your child to attend this program please come to the Ansonia Middle School Cafeteria on Wednesday, September 15th at 6:00 PM. It is a teacher recommended program and is also first come first serve. There you will enroll your child in the program. If you have any question you can contact Mary Lynn Mott at 203-736-5095, Ext. 1010. Thank you and hope to see you on Wednesday night. Thank you!

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