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by Everardo Prohaska Published 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago

Where was the original Pals cabin?

The original cabin was built from doors obtained from the old Proctor's Palace Theatre in downtown Newark. In 1934, Pals added a 10-stool bar, dining area and kitchen. A small rib eye sandwich that sold for a quarter became an immediate hit. The next year, a larger steak, known as the Pals Special, sold for 50 cents.

When was the Pals Cabin?

originalpals.JPG. The original Pals Cabin, from the 1930s. You want some of the famous cream of mushroom soup or one of the big fat burgers from Pals Cabin, you'd better do it quick. The West Orange food landmark closes for good today after 81 years in business.

How much was the Pals Special steak?

The next year, a larger steak, known as the Pals Special, sold for 50 cents. In the late 1930s, Duncan Hines - a traveling salesman whose restaurant reviews, published in his "Adventures in Good Eating,'' were required reading from coast to coast - gave a favorable review to Pals Cabin.

Who opened the Pals?

Pals was opened by a couple of buddies - Marty Horn and Roy Sale - back in 1932. They sold hot dogs for a dime out of a tiny clapboard-and-tin cabin at what was then a lonely crossroads. Legendary Pals Cabin to close pending approval. 25.

How much did Babe Ruth make at Pals?

The flamboyant performer played at Pals for six months, earning $40 a week. The piano Horn bought especially for Liberace is still in the bar, known as the Tap Room. Babe Ruth was a regular here; the Babe loved to chow down on a couple hot dogs after a round of golf at nearby Crestmont Country Club.

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