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New York Pizza & Pasta Menu and Prices

Garlic Bread $2.50
Garlic Bread With Cheese $3.95
Fried Calamari $7.95
Fried Zucchini $7.95
Fried Mozzarella $7.95
Jun 30 2022

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What are the best pizza places in New York?

“Fantastic New York pizza, a must try!” 14. Rubirosa “New GM’s Michele and Eric are making...” 15. Ribalta Pizza 16. Juliana's “... if you love thin crust pizza .” 17. Uncle Paul's Pizza “Delicous lunch!” “Great!” 18. Patzeria Perfect Pizza “Awesome spot for authentic New York pizza in Times Square area.”

What makes NYC pizza so special?

You’ll learn:

  • What New York style pizza is all about
  • A little New York pizza history
  • Our recommendations

Why is New York City pizza so good?

Alanna LoBianco

  1. The Water Yes, I am aware this sounds quite silly but it is true! ...
  2. The Ovens Well can't anyone just buy the same oven New Yorker's use and the pizza will taste the same? WRONG! ...
  3. The Freshest Ingredients

Is New Haven pizza better than New York Pizza?

Those two businesses launched what is now an iconic New Haven pizza scene. It’s a charming origin story, but it’s not what makes apizza better than every other style of pizza across the country. Many people say it’s the best because of New Haven’s hard water, which makes the dough more elastic.



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Top Reviews of New York Pizza & Pasta

11/10/2021 - MenuPix User This food is so good they treated me amazingly!

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