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by Ms. Aurelie Huel Jr. Published 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago

Here is the Full Menu for Spicy Moon

Item Price
Picked For You
Dan Dan Noodles with Beyond Beef Lunch S ... $14.95
Kung Pao Lunch Specials $14.95
Vegetable Ramen Lunch Specials $14.95
Jun 19 2022

Full Answer

Does spicy Moon East Village offer delivery or takeout?

Yes, Spicy Moon East Village offers both delivery and takeout. What forms of payment are accepted? Spicy Moon East Village accepts credit cards. Spicy Moon East Village is a Yelp advertiser.

Is spicy Moon a good vegan restaurant?

I was worried Spicy Moon would be a carb heavy vegan restaurant that relied on seitan and other starchy dishes. I was pleasantly surprised when they featured more vegetables than faux meats. The menu consists of a mix of Chinese and Chinese-American take-out dishes. We ordered the mapo-tofu, general tso mushrooms, and crispy eggplant.

What is the best Chinese food to eat at spicy Moon?

For all my vegan and vegetarian eaters out there, Spicy Moon is the place for delicious Chinese Food. If you want something on the savory and spicy side, then I highly recommend the Dan Dan Noodles! The spring rolls and Kung-Po were also delicious.


Vegetable Wonton in Chili Oil

Tasty veggie wontons in tasty Sichuan chili oil. Pro tip: You'll want to use the remaining sauce to flavor other items in your order.

Vegetable Ramen

Chef's veggie broth with vegetables and noodles. We recommend selecting the spicy option!

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