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A prix fixe menu (meaning “price fixed menus” in French) refers to a multi-course meal with a fixed price per person. This contrasts with an a la carte menu, where diners pick dishes priced individually. If you’re not familiar with the term, you’ll probably recognize it by its other names, “set menu” or “tasting menu.”

Prix Fixe Meaning
Applied to a menu, it means diners get a collection of menu items for a set total price. It is the exact opposite of an a la carte menu.

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What is a prix fixe menu?

But, in general, the phrase prix fixe refers to a set menu at a fixed price, so it's vital you know how to price a menu. Prix fixe is French for fixed price. That’s the basic prix fixe definition. It’s sometimes incorrectly spelled prixe fixe, so watch out for that.

Why are fixed price menus so important?

It's not just kitchen slang ! Prix fixe or fixed price menus are a historical gift, and relatively easy to roll out. They're also useful ways to communicate a chef-driven approach, and often signal value. Menus are ultra important for restaurants, obviously.

Is the Prix fix in NYC worth it?

Jen Pollack Bianco: The Prix Fix lunch is one of NYC's best fine dining bargains. It's worth it for the salmon rillette alone. The ladies room is also especially thoughtful.


What is an example of a fixed menu?

But here's the thing, here's the big idea: there's a fixed menu. An imaginative weekly fixed menu uses local and seasonal ingredients. In a fixed menu situation, for example, you do not want your staff encouraging only those items on the menu that cost you the most.

What is a fixed menu?

A fixed menu is a menu with few options and a fixed total price. It can be confused with static menus because the words, outside of the context of menu names, are similar. But the fixed menu definition is far different from that of the static menu.

Do you tip on prix fixe?

no, gratuity is not included. over a year ago. No. The European policy of no tipping (or minimal tipping) is not followed, regardless of the translation of prix fixe.

Is the fixed menu at fixed price?

Definition of 'fixed-price menu' In a restaurant, the cost of a meal on a fixed-price menu stays the same and does not vary. Many restaurants offer the option of a fixed-price menu as well as à la carte. The restaurant offers a fixed-price menu at lunchtime, so you know what you will have to pay.

What are the 4 types of menus?

There are 5 fundamental types of menus that are used in restaurants, and they are the most commonly used. These are a la carte, static, du jour, cycle, and fixed menus.

What does pre fixe menu mean?

Definition of prix fixe : a complete meal offered at a fixed price also : the price charged.

How much should I tip for $100?

Take the total bill and double it in your head, then shift the decimal point to the left one place. This will be a 20% tip amount. For example, on a $100 bill, double the bill in your head – the result is $200. Then move the decimal point one place to the left, which is $20.0.

How much should you tip on a $200 bill?

If your total bill is $200 and you want to tip 15%, work out the tip by multiplying the total bill by 0.15. You can then add this amount to your bill when it comes to pay. Simple. Or alternatively, you can multiply the bill excluding service by 1.15 (assuming you want to leave that same 15% tip).

Which one is usually a complete meal in a fixed price?

Prix Fixe Menu Definition Prix fixe is French for “fixed price” and is pronounced as “pree fiks.” Fixed price menus are typically full course meals consisting of an appetizer, entree, and dessert, though they may feature less or more courses than the typical 3-course meal.

How do you pronounce fixe prix?

Prix fixe is pronounced “pree-fix.” You'll sometimes see that pronunciation reflected in menus spelled prefix. That spelling reflects exactly how to pronounce it, so it's understandable. But it should be spelled prix fixe.

Does prix fixe include tax?

The prices listed on the website for the prix fixe dinner experience do NOT include tax or gratuity.

What is the difference between prix fixe and table d hote?

Yet another French culinary term, table d'hôte means "the host's table" and describes a menu similar to a prix fixe menu, but with a more upscale turn of phrase. The term first referred to meals shared among house guests and their hosts, who gathered at a single table to enjoy the same courses.

What is a Prix Fixe Menu?

Prix fixe is French for “fixed price” and is pronounced as “pree fiks.” Fixed price menus are typically full course meals consisting of an appetize...

Is Prix Fixe Per Person?

Prix fixe menus are usually per person with a multi-course meal served to each individual. In some cases, there is a meal option for two at a set p...

When Are Price Fixed Menus Used?

Price fixed menus are typically offered at fine dining or contemporary casual restaurants.

What is a prix fixe menu?

What a Prix Fixe Menu Comprises. A prix fixe menu may include an appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, and dessert all for a set price per person. It may also be a more limited selection, such as an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. The main thing is you need at least three basic courses.

Why do restaurants have prix fixe?

It allows the cooks enough time to prepare for a busy shift and can help keep a restaurant running smoothly on traditionally busy days. A prix fixe menu can also be run alongside an establishment's regular menu, to promote certain specials, especially seasonal ones.

How many courses are needed for prix fixe?

The main thing is you need at least three basic courses. While prix fixe menus are very common in Europe where they originated, most high-end American restaurants use them as well, primarily at lunchtime except for those special occasions.

What can guests choose from a preselected menu?

Guests can choose from a preselected menu, which helps keep costs down for the host. The restaurant kitchen can have the food selections prepped in advance and then be ready to feed a large group in a timely fashion.

Can a prix fixe menu double for a weeknight promotion?

A prix fixe menu can also double for a weeknight promotion. For example, a restaurant may try offering a pre-selected meal at a set price every Monday night as a way to bring in business during an otherwise slow time of the week.

What is prix fixe?

In terms of service, the prix fixe also allows the meal to be timed perfectly, so that every person at the same table is delivered each course at the same time, since there are no off the cuff orders. The table can also be set in advance for certain foods to be served.

What does "prix fixe" mean?

Usually, if you come across the term “prix fixe” in the United States, more often than not it translates to “expensive restaurant”. However, this is not and should not be the point of a prix fixe menu. Simply put, prix fixe (pronounced “pree feeks”) means “fixed price”. The most common setup with a prix fixe menu is with a multi-course meal, ...

What is a printed menu?

Printed menu: if you are only offering a fixed price menu, print out menus from which to order. They may or may not include the option to choose. Insert in a menu: If your regular menu will remain available but there is an option to buy the prix fixe menu, include an insert in the menu.

What is an alternative to printed menus?

Board: An alternative to printed menus is to have the menu available on a board, such as a chalk board. However, this is not the best choice for a large restaurant where the board is not easily visible from every seat. If the restaurant is large, there should be multiple boards.

What is a prix fixe menu?

A prix fixe menu is a type of menu that offers a multi-course meal for a fixed price. In most circumstances, guests will have options to choose from for each course. In some cases, the entire meal is planned and selected ahead of time by the chef.

What is a tasting menu?

As a tasting menu. This type of menu is a multi-course meal of small portions of different dishes. The dishes may showcase the chef’s skills or highlight local or seasonal flavors. Tasting menus may include a main course or simply provide enough food overall to serve as a satisfying, full meal.

What days do restaurants offer tastings?

Tastings may be regularly offered at a restaurant or only offered on specific days. For a special occasion. Many restaurants may offer price fixed menus for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, or Restaurant Week.

Does prix fixe have a discount?

While guests may normally only choose one or two of your course offerings, a prix fixe menu usually offers more courses at a somewhat discounted price, so guests will be apt to take advantage of the deal. In the end, however, they are spending more than they would have otherwise, creating a larger bill.

Do restaurants have prix fixe?

Some restaurants, usually fine dining or contemporary casual, will always have a prix fixe menu available. Restaurants may choose to offer a prix fixe menu along with an a la carte menu to appeal to different guests. Or, restaurants might offer a prix fixe menu only for lunch or as a unique happy hour idea to attract a larger customer base.

Is a prix fixe menu a deal?

In the end, however, they are spending more than they would have otherwise, creating a larger bill. If your menu is correctly priced to maximize your bottom line, a prix fixe menu, though still a “deal,” should ultimately optimize sales at your restaurant.

First Course

Begin your meal with a refreshing starter. Our Prix Fixe menu offers a delicious Caesar or Steak House Salad or a seasonal Red and Golden Beet Frisee salad featuring Goat Cheese and Bacon Vinaigrette.

Second Course

With our New Prix Fixe menu, we offer two different paths toward the perfect meal. Our first path ($47.95 pricing) includes four delicious selections including a 6 oz. filet with a horseradish crust, barbecued shrimp and grits, a 6 oz. filet with shrimp, or a stuffed chicken breast.

Personal Sides

Our personal sides pair perfectly with any of our delicious main courses. This Prix Fixe menu features mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, crab fried rice, or edamame and sweet corn succotash.


Don’t forget dessert! Our phenomenal chefs have cooked up a winning combination with an Apple Galette a la mode with a Caramel Crème Anglaise.

Customize Your Prix Fixe

While we’ve carefully chosen a tasty selection of menu items for our Prix Fixe, we offer some customizations to make your meal extra special. If you’ve chosen the Ribeye for your main course, you can choose to upgrade to a 16 oz. ribeye for only $4 more.

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